Welcome to Anon Kin

Anon Kin are a collection of  10,000 NFTs – A vagabond crew of anonymous Degenerates, Chads, Gigabrains, Bears, Bots & Anons that scour the blockchain in search of purpose & profit. Anon Kin are a group of graduates from Defi summer 2020 & everything that’s come since then. Money & friendships have been both won and lost (and won again). But we are still here. And so are you, anon. Some say once you’re in you can never leave. If that’s true we are all OG’s in the making. This is our journey.

We have searched for Collections that represent us. Represent our crypto experience, but have been found wanting. We want something that captures the culture of defi, memes, the metaverse, the uniswamp & the millions of personalities we’ve met. But it must have utility and it’s utility must match our time here. How many 1000x trades were missed? How many sold early, how many txns failed, how many rugs held, how many “what ifs”? So what if we could finally have a PFP that represents our side of crypto, but also gives us that chance at that moonshot… every week.

That is Anon Kin. A Collection that represents you and me; the new OG’s of crypto. We will bring the genius of defi, memes & NFTs together and stand on the shoulders of giants before us to create a Collection that truly represents us all, but also generates real captured value and lets us play for that 1000x every week and truly make it.

Will you join us?
We Are All Anon Kin.


Join us and all will be revealed on how to get your hands on your Anon Kin. Early apes will be rewarded

*There are 100 Anon Kin being withheld from sale for use in promotion, marketing & for creators of Anon Kin. These will be randomized same as all other Anons. Proof of Randomness is here.

About your anon

Anon Kin are a new evolution of Generative NFTs. By developing new layer theory along with killer artists, Anon Kin are as unique as every trader, dev, artist, degen or whoever in the Cryptosphere. Anon Kin come with six core characteristics;

Chad, Degen, Dev, Bear, Bot & of course the Anon itself.

These personality types affect each Anons profile. Within these Anon types there are variations of nose, eyes, mouth, suits, trading style, hand elements, skin, background & purity. Every Anon is truly unique and different. Are you ready for sub-traits, anon?


Fichier_184-e1638736895144 (1)

NFT collection

As well as generating unique faces each Anon Kin comes with 1381 unique possible traits including clothing, headwear, facial wear, accessories, hand gestures, tools & a unique set of unseeable characteristicss that affect how your Anon Kin interacts with our first game, KinBet, as well as all future games & features we build.


What’s the total quantity of Anon Kin?

There will be 10,000 Anon Kin in total.

What’s the mint price?

Some will be free. Some won't.

When is the mint date?

Soon ™.

How do I get whitelist?

Ape in.