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DeFi NFTs Play-2-Win
DeFi NFTs Play-2-Win

What is the plan?

Defi 3.0 emerged in late 2021 as a solution to the zero-sum limitations of tax-focused protocols. By designating treasury funds to work for the project, this new wave of defi introduced potentially endless working capital as a means of increasing TVL. Prior to this NFTs emerged and created an entire new market with new participants. After the initial craze utility became increasingly important for future NFT projects.

Kinance Treasury & our NFTs (Anon Kin) will bring together the Defi & NFT communities with the Token & P2E under one roof, infusing both with perpetual value-creation.

The Token, The NFTs, The Game & The Treasury will work together in symphony to generate value for the entire ecosystem & it’s participants.

The Token

A tax-based erc20 token will be launched into the market after our LBP. Taxation from sells/buys will be used to build a Treasury, reward holders & fund The Game’s prize pool. The Treasury will strategically marketing & build features with benefits distributed to investors & The Game.

The NFTs

The NFTs (Anon Kin) provide exclusive access to The Game and it’s reward pools. Royalties from secondary-market NFT sales will, like The Token, be used to build the Treasury & The Game rewards pool.

The Game

Free to play for all NFT holders, The Game will distribute its weekly reward pools to best performing gamers for each week. The Game will infuse the NFTs with intrinsic value.

The Treasury

Drawing funding from The Token, The NFTs, The Game and its own profits, The Treasury will operate as a project bootstrap and work to bolster the entire ecosystem and generate sustainability.

Everything together 

As The Token drives speculation the value generated from taxation will be passed-forward to the Treasury and The Game. The increased worth of The Game will bolster the utility & value of The NFTs. NFTs increased value & volume will direct more funds via Royalties on sales toward The Treasury, Token Price & The Game. As The Treasury grows, it’s three parts (Token, NFT & The Game) grow with it, further expanding it’s available resources. The result is a Flywheel sucking revenue in from 4 sources; Token Speculation, The Treasury, NFT Royalties & The Game economics.

Roadmap activations

We are here to stay. Kinance will generate true value. We have more planned than we can reveal, but first here’s what we are gonna do:

Partnership with Shinar

Meet the Team

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